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    What is happiness Happy is neither a gift nor a right, we must take the initiative to seek out, heart to pursue in order to obtain。
     When you try new things, accept new challenges, because you will discover a new dimension of life but pleasantly surprised。
   There are dreams, there to pursue, there will be happy。   Because the course of the struggle and achieve the goals of the brilliant, can engender immense pleasure。
   What is happiness - we have to learn to tell myself over and not with others than to recognize their own weaknesses and humbly accept the recommendations of others, help and advice, to abandon his mind to bear the "accomplishments" stress。
     Believe that today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today。 What is happiness - "caring only for their own people will turn their own slaves。
    " If only for myself, life will become narrow-minded, always been limited。 "Human need for love", to be respected by others, first of all to respect other people first, when you right around anything, then full of love, the world will become a better human。
     Happiness is a state of mind, happiness is not from the object, it is not a thing。 Happy is not a chase - you do not need to firmly grasp it, because it's in your heart, you have got it。
     But this does not mean you do not need to contribute their energies to it。 Happy like a party, you sit down to enjoy the fun - but only you want it, you are ready for it until lightly come prepared to allow himself happy bar! Let the good place bar! If you are not happy, then the best way to find happiness is to boost morale, so that actions and words seem to have felt happy look。
     Make your face showing a happy smiling face to upright, properly took a deep breath, and then sing a short song; If you are harmonically-challenged, on the whistle; if you do not whistle, we sing a ballad。
     You will soon discover that you simply will not be worried and decadence go on。 If we want to develop peaceful and happy state of mind, please remember the following words: "With a happy thought and action, you can be happy。
    " Happy living columnist Harris and friends to buy a newspaper on the newsstand, friends, and politely said thank you to the newspaper vendors, but the newspaper vendors had lengkou cold shoulder, without a word。
     "This guy, poor attitude, is not it?" They move on when Harris asked。 "He's like every night。
  " Friend。 "Then why are you so kind to him?" Harris asked。   Friend A: "Why should I let him decide my actions?" Every one has the "key to happiness," but we are often unwittingly give it to someone else in charge。
  有梦想、有追求,就会有快乐。因为奋斗的过程和达到目标时的辉煌,都能使人产生无比的快乐。   快乐是什么—我们要学会跟自己比,不跟别人比,承认自己的弱点,虚心接受别人的建议、帮助和忠告,抛弃自己心头承受的“成就”的压力。
    相信今天比昨天好,明天比今天更好。  快乐是什么—“只顾自己的人结果会变成自己的奴隶。”如果只为自己活着,生活就会变得狭隘,处处受到局限。“人类需要爱”,要想获得别人的尊重,首先要先尊重别人,当你对周围的任何事充满爱的话,世界将变成美好的人间。
    快乐是一种心灵状态,快乐不是来自于物体,它也不是一件东西。  快乐也不是一种穷追不舍—你不需要紧紧抓住它,因为它就在你心中,你已经得到它了。但这并不表示你就不需要贡献一些精力给它。
  快乐就像一场宴会,你坐下来享受其中的乐趣—但只有你要它、你已准备好迎接它时才翩然到来,准备让自己快乐吧!让快乐发生吧!  假如你感到不快乐,那么所能找到快乐的方法,就是振奋精神,使行动和言词好像已经感觉到快乐的样子。
    假如我们想培养宁静和快乐的心境,请记住下面的话:“有了快乐的思想和行动,你就能得到快乐。  ”  快乐的活着专栏作家哈里斯和朋友在报摊上买报纸,朋友礼貌地对报贩说了声谢谢,但报贩却冷口冷脸,没发一言。
    “这家伙态度很差,是不是?”他们继续前行时,哈里斯问道。“他每天晚上都这样的。”朋友说。“那么你为什么还是对他那么客气?”哈里斯问。朋友答:“为什么我要让他决定我的行为?”  每个人心中都有把“快乐的钥匙”,但我们却常在不知不觉中把它交给别人掌管。


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    Those who always perform outstandingly in school are frequently referred to as "top students"。
   They are much admired by other students and much appreciated by their teachers and their parents alike。
     Although most of us are just average students with average intelligence, who can honestly say that he or she never has thought of becoming a top student? Many people think that top students are genius, but according to my observation, top students are just average students who have the following characteristics。
     To begin with, top students seem to have clear and concrete goals in their life。 They know what they want and will never give up whatever difficulties they come across。
     Next, top students seem to have very good study habits。 They listen to the teachers attentively and answer the teachers' questions actively in class and do what the teachers ask them to do after class。
     They read other books related to the subject to widen their scope of knowledge。 Finally, top students seem to have a wide variety of interests。
     They engage themselves in att kinds of activities。 As a result, they atso excel in other aspects。
   I am also determined to become a top student。
     I witt regard the top students as my rote models and witt go out of my way to get to know them and learn from them。




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